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The Church is the solution to the orphan care crisis

Reality says there are over 400,000 children in U.S. foster care and over 100,000 kids ready to be adopted out of foster care, but data says there are over 350,000 churches in the U.S.

Media reports that there are children sleeping in child welfare offices with nowhere to go, but God says, “I’ve already chosen my Church to step up.” (James 1:27)

Experts say that children need more than just room and board. Scripture says God places the lonely in families (Psalm 68:5-6) and we’re watching hundreds in our churches step up to be just that.

Historical statistics show that 50% of foster families who get licensed quit after the first year and another 50% quit the second year. Our findings show that through church support teams, retention is around 80-90%!

Doubters say it can’t be done. We say, through our churches, it’s already happening! We believe every church can do something.

Church leader,
we are here to help you

We guide church leaders in living out their convictions found in scripture.

We walk alongside you during a 4-step process to develop the infrastructure and culture you need for a successful ministry.

We connect you to local church and agency partners to serve your families well.

We customize this to fit your specific church’s culture.

Here is a FREE RESOURCE of 10 simple ways to get started.

You’re not alone

Join hundreds of other churches that are launching orphan care around the world.

During the process, you will receive monthly coaching and a full workshop for your staff and orphan care leaders.

After your launch, you are now a part of the orphan care tribe. We want you to cultivate relationships with other orphan care leaders, feel empowered to keep your team healthy, and reach your entire community by engaging the Big “C” church.

Your ministry can outlive every leader on your team, so that someday there are more families waiting on children than children waiting on families.

Church leaders, there’s never been a better time to develop a foster care, adoption, and support ministry. Let’s chat!

What’s next?


Partner with us in launching more foster care, adoption, and support ministries through local churches around the nation!

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Church leaders, there’s never been a better time to develop a foster care, adoption, and support ministry.
Let’s chat!

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