Become A Trainer

With 350,000 churches in the U.S., more trainers are needed to guide them in developing a foster care, adoption, and support ministry. Trainers are utilized on the community, state, and national levels depending on the network they feel called to serve.

On average, one Backyard Orphans trainer is able to equip 10 churches per year in orphan care. One church, on average, will care for 20 kids. With God’s help, one trainer in one year is able to impact 200 kids’ lives. Is God calling you to train churches in orphan care?

Trainer Summit is a process by which Backyard Orphans equips you as a leader to train churches in developing a foster care, adoption, and support ministry. It is a program designed to blend our experience and expertise with your passion and influence.

It includes a 3-day summit in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and 3 to 6 months of coaching calls and modeling-based training. Upon completion, you will receive certification that allows you to use Backyard Orphans’ curriculum to train churches.

Trainers who may attend could be:

» Leaders joining the Backyard Orphans team as a missionary

» Leaders from a network going through network training

» Leaders from an established orphan care ministry

» Leaders establishing their own orphan care ministry

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