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With 8 years of guiding churches in creating foster care, adoption, and support ministries, Backyard Orphans has created personalized resources for you and your church to use.


Church leaders, we want to guide you in developing a foster care, adoption, and support ministry. We offer a variety of customizable workshops to meet your needs, no matter where you are on the orphan care journey! From all-day workshops to mini-workshops, from church staff to volunteers, we have something for every church! We look forward to connecting with you!

Trainer Summit

Train the Trainer is a process by which Backyard Orphans equips you as a leader to train churches in developing foster care, adoption and support ministries.

Network Training

Network Training is an opportunity for organizations leading a network of churches to implement an orphan care strategy.

Book a Speaker

We would love to come speak to your group or church about starting a foster care and orphan care ministry. Our speakers are passionate and tenacious about communicating God’s love for orphans. If you would like to book one of our speakers, check out more information here.

Fundraising Opportunities

We believe God will supply all that we need to accomplish His vision and mission. As we work to help more hurting children find healing homes, we have been blessed with people and organizations joining our mission who share this same heart for orphans. Take a look at some of the fundraising opportunities that are out there for you to help kids find homes.


Partner with us in launching more foster care, adoption, and support ministries through local churches around the nation!

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Church leaders, there’s never been a better time to develop a foster care, adoption, and support ministry.
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