Regional Network Training

Network Training

Network Leader | 1 -2 years

What would it look like if all of the churches you lead were engaged in helping hurting children find healing homes? Whether your network is denominational, interest-based, or geographical in nature, Backyard Orphans has the tools needed to make a network-wide orphan care ministry successful! We provide your team with proven ways to engage your churches and our best practices from 10+ years that will give you the confidence to lead them into orphan care.  We will guide you and your team in:

  • Implementing an orphan care strategy
    • Developing infrastructure
    • Determining the best fundraising approach for your organization
    • Brainstorming relevant branding and marekting strategies
  • Training your churches to develop foster care, adoption, and support ministries
  • Building critical relationships with child welfare and child placing agencies
  • Caring for your team and partners

The orphan crisis is bigger than one church or even one network. That’s why the solution requires all of us working together. Orphan care isn’t about some churches doing it all; it’s about all churches doing something.