Other’s Resources

Others resources

As a bridge ministry, we connect you to only the best resources and organizations. You’ll find these helpful whether you’re looking to serve foster and adoptive families, understand trauma, provide small group discussion, or more!

trauma-informed church

One Big Happy Home

One Big Happy Home exists to help adults create places where children feel safe welcome and loved. In their trauma-informed care class, you’ll unpack brain basics, fear responses, and healthy attachment qualities in just one hour.

Ted and Angie Stackpole

With their wealth of experience and training, Ted and Angie specialize in helping local churches develop personalized foster and adoption programs, aimed at providing stability and improved wellbeing of children in foster care. In the Stackpole’s 1 hour class, you’ll learn compassionate responses to adverse childhood experiences, and much more.

Kelly Hamilton

In Kelly’s training, you’ll increase your knowledge of trauma-informed parenting strategies and formulate practical, attachment-based, trauma-informed parenting techniques that meet your family’s needs. Available for individuals, couples, & small group workshops.